​We are pleased to announce you will now be able to order and pay for Tuckshop online through the School Shop Online system. The Online Tuckshop will be active from Week Seven, Term Two - 5th June, 2020.

We are encouraging as many families as possible to use this option.  Online ordering is a proven system to help volunteers best manage their available time in Tuckshop.  We will continue to take orders by the current bag and coin system for families with limited internet access.

The software system is made available to schools free of charge. There is an order fee of 20 cents payable by parents and staff. In return, your Tuckshop will cover the cost of providing the order bags and printed labels. It is important to note that you place a family order, not a per child order and so a family of multiple children, with orders in each break, will only pay one order fee of 20 cents.

There is an umbrella contract between School Shop Online and the QLD Department of Education(ApprovedDETSOA-62891) which ensures payments will reach our P&C in a timely fashion. The Privacy Act is followed and personal information and payment details are protected.   

To Register

Please follow the link and type Springsure State School into options box. Then select GO TO TUCKSHOP (screen image above)

  • Register as a new Parent (You will be offered the option to activate the eWallet).
  • Register your Child(ren).
  • Any allergy information entered will print out on each order label.

You can also register or add children later if you wish (go to My Account and Add Student), plus edit any personal details later.

Once registered you will be issued with a unique REG 000000 number. This is to be used as your account reference for all eWallet deposits so that School Shop Online can allocate your payments.

To Order

  • Select Tuckshop from the Home Page
  • Select the Delivery Date, Student Name and Lunch Session.
  • Choose your item(s) and Add to Cart.
  • Select Checkout

As you add items to your cart they are listed on the left of screen so you can easily see where you are up to. You can only select a delivery date that Tuckshop is open (Friday) and the menu options available are fixed to the lunch sessions.

Where a menu item has options available a second screen will open for further choices i.e. plain or toasted, BBQ or Tomato sauce etc. Further information can be added at the Checkout in the comments section if need be. 

Once you have placed an order the system will set items into Your Popular Orders for future reference. For children who don’t change their orders from week to week this is most helpful.

Online orders will close at 8am on the Friday. If you need to cancel or edit your order details or delivery date login to My Account, Select Orders and then the edit icon to the right of the order.

To Pay

There are two payment options: Credit Card or eWallet

  • Select the Payment Method from the drop-down menu.
  • Complete the details and submit the payment.
  • You will receive an email confirmation and receipt for your records confirming your order details and payment received. 

eWallet System

There is a facility to use the financial module with School Shop Online called eWallet. This allows you to deposit funds into the account and draw on the funds for your purchases. Please note that, depending on your bank funds, it can take up to 3 days to clear. Your eWallet will only operate with a positive balance. 

There is a merchant fee of 30cents for the initial deposit but no extra transaction fees when accessing your funds for order payment.

Credit Card System

Please note that payments by Credit Card have a merchant fee of 30c plus 1.5% of your order total. This is payable each time you use your credit card.

Schoolshoponline is no longer offering this payment method due to the financial cost to parents.

Quick references

If you have any further questions please see or contact Kate on 0408 844 031. 

Last reviewed 10 September 2021
Last updated 10 September 2021